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South Denver: Chatfield State Park Dog Park

  Size Around 80 acres including the multiple ponds.
Details This is Scooter’s and my favorite dog park in Denver. Multiple ponds, a river and good paths. It does have an $8 dollar state park entrance fee and a $2 dog park fee but in my opinion it is worth it. The park does get busy but there is a reason why!
Location Located in Jefferson county on the south west side of Denver In Chatfield State Park. For a map click here.

Additional Comments:

Requires a park entrance fee as well as a dog park usage fee. $8 for the park and $2 for the off leash area.

Important News About Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park has been in the news lately regarding a plan to expand the amount of water the park holds. This plan will no doubt change the park as we know it today.  We have not heard anything about altering the dog park but the construction will require relocation of roads and facilities which could impact access to the dog park. This is something to keep your eyes on. Here is a Denver Post article on the proposed plan. Chatfield Redevelopment Plan